Saturday, August 11, 2012

thank u . . . .

My 15 years old son was hospitalized for a week due to Dengue (stage 2 - his 2nd attack, btw). His platelet count dropped to 69 and nosebleeding. He was then placed at the ICU for blood transfusion - he needed five bags of blood.

The blood bank in our local hospital readily gave the blood required and the transfusion went smoothly. My son's platelet count improved overnight! The doctor ordered for a discharge however, as policy, u cannot leave the hospital unless u can change the blood consumed.

I sent SMS to friends, to my surprise, friends and relatives volunteered as donors. My son is well now. We are back home.  I feel so blessed....Love, blessings does not come from material things alone. God is soo good! I feel sooo loved. Thank you!!!

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