Monday, March 21, 2011

suite 518

My son was admitted at the local hospital last week. i had chosen a room comfortable to both of us. I don't mind how much a day as long as we are  comfy. I am posting some pics so you can see how their suite room looks like.
Mosaic, nice work of art at the ER

                       14" tv without cable connection. How could we watch? Ano ito, pang display?

                                  No remote control, lubog pa knobs, how can u switch channels?

                                             airconditioner older than me - nice museum piece

                                                    missing knob to control the thermostat

old and broken toilet bowl!!!

missing shower knob

personal ref

kalawang ng ref

the inside of room with dusty curtains

Do you want to spend your money in this room with these amenities?