Sunday, September 26, 2010


You are not a Filipino if you have not been to Baguio. As a child, the mere mention of Baguio always excites me. Back to the days when Baguio was still clean and under populated. Last summer, my travelmate and I went to Sagada instead of Baguio. Why Sagada? Well, it's not that  i don't know how to swim but honestly i'm not a beach bum.....

From Manila, we took the bus (Florida) to Banaue. The 8-hour trip went on smoothly and we reached Banaue exactly for breakfast. 

 As seen on our one thousend peso bill:
 We took a van that charge 300php per head for a 3-hour ride to Sagada:

Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins. Climbed up the echo valley to where these coffins hanged on a big solid rock

 Basketball court at the foot of Echo Valley:

 Betel nut or simply called mamma by the locals. Seems everybody in Banaue chew this even the kids and the teens:
 Stop over in Atok on the way to Baguio

He makes good kimchi:


A proposed concert reunion is being planned for the 10th year anniversary of F4, the taiwanese boyband. Hope this will push through as Jerry Yan is now uner treatment for a minor ailment. Ken expressed his willingness to attend, same thing with Vic and Vanness who is currently filming a drama Material Queen. If things goes well and plans materialize, so good to see the 4 of them in one stage again....F4ever!!!!!!