Sunday, April 1, 2012

on the go, mcdo

It was Palm Sunday yesterday. I went to church with my kids with their palaspas bought from the market by their grandma. We took the 2nd mass @8.30 am and the mass ended a little past 10. That time the kids were hungry and even me was also hungry. We proceeded to the nearest jollibee but the throng of people on queue was sooo long (abot hanggang labas). We ran to mcdo which is just in front. I ordered cheeseburgers and the attendant said not available. The kids wanted sundae and again, unavailable! Horrible, where in mcdo that burger is not available? We had no choice but to get their fried chicken, which is the only item available in their store since all of us were hungry na.

As i was to pay the bill na, oh no the cashier did not even know to compute my orders, she seemed she just got out of bed at 10.45 in the morning. I noticed her inefficiency towards costumers. I love mcdo eversince but this i find the most inefficient, unfriendly mcdo store.