Sunday, July 24, 2011

when it rains....

I was walking down the street to where the car was parked when suddenly it rained so hard and my umbrella was in the car. I went inside to nearest store to while away the rain hoping to stop.
It was 3 pm and i found sales persons dancing with their daily 3pm exwercise.

I seldom shop in this store. But I find it more convenient for there is less crowd.

goodbye 5 sis....

The first and only department store in the north, 5 Sisters Superstore. Built in the late 70s 5 SISTERS boosts the one-stop shopping, with a department store, cinemas, grocery store and a resto.

Today, we say goodbye to 5SISTERS as it closes it's doors on July 31 to give way to SM. And Aloha was there for its last hurrah!!!!