Friday, April 22, 2011


I was at a birthday party last week and it turned out for free wine tasting. There are different kinds of wine to choose from,  mostly imported and vintage ones but I find the not so famous BUGNAY WINE from Adams, Ilocos Norte stand out for my tastebud.  The TAPUY RICE WINE from Ifugao comes second.

Yes folks pang local lang taste ko.


waiting....with patient and patience

It takes a lot of patience in going to the doctor. First you have to cue to get your hospital number/record. You're late if you get there at 9.

The clerk calls the number in batch of tens

While waiting for your turn, you can seat if there is any vacant.
 And there is only one clerk attending to thousand.
Then he will give you another number, proceed inside the building for Surgery, Ortho, OB, Pedia, etc.

Same procedure as above.

coco oil on good friday

As a child, my grandma would make oil out of coco milk during Good Friday. To these days, my mom does it the same. I don't know is this is religion related or just a tradition. But my mom believes that oil cooked/made on a Good Friday got healing powers/effect. As soon as the oil is done, she would set aside for cooling then transfer it to a clean jar, to replace the oil made the year before.
Last night, she called all the kids and them them with the coco oil. The kids obligued, no complaints were heard. Then my 9 year old daughter suddenly asked:
Child: Grandma, u applied oil on my arms and legs, when I go to sleep won't i be feasted by the ants?
Grandma: No baby, not at all, hahaha.....
Me: Ha hahahahahahaha (ellek mode)