Friday, April 10, 2015

Dream 1

I don't know if dreams are true. I have this dream very vivid to my memory. I am aware it's only a dream.

9 April 2014, Thursday

Me: Taba intan uminom Tanduay ice.
Taba: Cge kayat ko.

We went to the southern part of our place where there are tiangges. First tiangge, we found it not to our liking so we moved to another but same we dont like the place until we reached a house, two ladies cooking a kind of nuts i cannot remember if i have seen and eaten like that in reality. It's round and white with black spots. I got one and ate but realized nuts are forbidden with me since i'm suffering from some sort of edema on my foot.

Me: Ah kasla metla agluto kastanyas, ikkam ti barat. (Just like cooking chestnuts, you put pebbles.)

I walked further until i found a hill. I climbed the hill and i  reached the top where there was a very good looking, very tall man in white waiting. He was so neat. His face was serious He mentioned my name and i got scared he knows me. He ordered me to go down and the more i got scared. I cried for Taba but Taba was no where in sight.

Man: Lea May umulog kan. Uray ta adda dagita insaganak nga BOULDERS nga pagulugam. (He mentioned the boulders numbers but what i only remember are 11 and 6).

I started to cry with fear as i started my descent through the boulders. Just when I reached the last boulder down, a lady with a young boy took my hand and assisted me down. I was relieved to see the highway. I saw Mg Tommy (deceased) and I said.

Me: Natay kano met ni Mg Sanyn.

(Mg Tommy and Mg Sany are my cousins in Pinili, both deceased)

Again the lady and the boy appeared.

Me: Adda pay ngata pagluganak?
Lady: Awanen a.
Me: Ok lang ag tricycle ak lattan. Mano fare tricycle?
Lady: 97.50
Me: ok 100 lattan sapay kad 97.50 pay laeng.

I crossed the highway to wait for a ride. I saw Rufina Bagalay; I did not quite understand what she was saying but i believe its all about longganisa so I said:

Me: Mangala ka jay (i was aware that her birthday is 11/19 so i said:
Me: Make that

End of dream. 

Anyone who can interpret the meaning or it's meaning of this dream is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Basic Math

Teacher: Children, let's do the simple math.
Pupils: Yes, mam...
Teacher: Okay children, 500 - 451?
Pupil1: 500 - 451 = 49 mam
Teacher: Very good! 49 x 30 = ?
Pupil2: 49 x 30 =1470 mam, very CHEAP mam....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my ordeal with bell's palsy

Day 1 - i felt pain on my right head, my scalp to be specific
Day 2 - pain at the back of right ear, went to see the doc and had otic solution, 2-3 drops every 6 hours which i followed religiously
Day 3 - pain on my right head, back of right ear, right jaw, right neck base and my tongue lost its sense of taste - all this happened while i did 2 loads of laundry
          - was rushed to the ER where procedures were done immediately. CT Scan, Xrays, blood chem - needle prick anywhere but the right side of my face had been motionless and feeling less. I was admitted at the hospital due to the reason that i will be at risk with the stroke anytime. Btw, Bell's Palsy is not a stroke. It is a facial paralysis where nerves cannot function well to supply blood to the MidCranial Artery of the brain.
Day 4 - still lying in the hospital, IV pushed medications, monitor, monitor as BP shooting up
Day 5- still at the hospital and the birthday of my daughter.....sorry girl I missed your birthday. Hope to make up sometime when mommy will be okay. Love u!!!
Day 6 - hospital latta
Day 7  - doctors won't let me go out yet. Thay want a massive work out on me - a neurosurgeon, cardiologist, internist and an EENT doctor, all four collaborated and concluded it's BELL'S PALSY!!! And so, i have to undergo therapy this time. Good thing the therapist is willing to come to the hospital. 
Day 8 - PT session at the hospital goes on, so on with IV and IV push medicines, which I don't bother to know for there are too many
Day 9 - same procedures but finally released from the hospital at last. but have to go back and forth for my therapy sessions. BTW, i cannot drive yet. Right eye is still conditional though i can blink at with a force and will power.

It's my 3rd day at home......and unwilling to go out. I miss the public market, my gym buddies, the groceries, etc. Still i'm hopeful, someday everything will be back to normal......Thank u all for the love u shared in these times of my darkness and tomorrow will be a brand new day!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

corby 2

Got my Samsung Corby 2 six months ago. Opted for samsung mobile due to the large font however i am not satisfied with the performance of Corby 2  specially w hen it comes to its applications such as using the the camera, videos , sounds, themes, games, etc. The internal memory is not enough and it is impossible to delete unused applications programed. It war ns that there is not enough memory even there is no more saved, halos wala nang laman, not enough memory pa rin and sometimes i just want to throw my phone away. If i could only have the money now i will buy a replacement for my phone and definitely not Samsung Corby 2.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Amidst heavy rains due to Helen, i was lucky to have been invited to the nestle event in a bus.
L-R: a nurse, doctors Avila, Ballesteros, Fernandez and Camarillo - all pediatricians from the Governor Roque Ablan, Sr. Hospital and Medical Center

Dra. Maritel Avila blowing the birthday cake!!! 

As we went in the bus, we were immediately treated to a cereal and fresh milk

Inside is an array of nestle products. You can have Milo
Nestle crunch chocolate bar

Yoghurt with jelly

Wide selection of coffee of ur choice

and many more.....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

thank u . . . .

My 15 years old son was hospitalized for a week due to Dengue (stage 2 - his 2nd attack, btw). His platelet count dropped to 69 and nosebleeding. He was then placed at the ICU for blood transfusion - he needed five bags of blood.

The blood bank in our local hospital readily gave the blood required and the transfusion went smoothly. My son's platelet count improved overnight! The doctor ordered for a discharge however, as policy, u cannot leave the hospital unless u can change the blood consumed.

I sent SMS to friends, to my surprise, friends and relatives volunteered as donors. My son is well now. We are back home.  I feel so blessed....Love, blessings does not come from material things alone. God is soo good! I feel sooo loved. Thank you!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mongolia, Mongolian, Mongolian Bbq.......

A nephew is planning a trip to Macau. Been to Vegas and not keen about Macau.
Me: Don't u like Mongolia?
Nephew: Today? Where? When?

Kalurkey, nagutom tuloy ako, hahaha.......