Saturday, July 16, 2011

sakaling makalusot......

I had this case of two kids drowned by the dike. As a protocol had to report the matter to the police and the rural health officer to be called. The police force came and so with the doctor. Since the morgue is a mere 10 miles from the location, the doctor had to go there for further autopsy to be escorted by the police. We were ready to go, the funeral service car, my car, the doctor's car and the police car. Suddenly one of the police officers approached and told me that their deputy chief needs to talk to me. I obliged and went to the deputy chief. He told me that they need to come to the morgue but they don't have enough gas and if possible will give them kahit 200pesos lang for their gas. I only had my cellphone and yosi. I did not have any money.

Q is, shall i give in to their demand? Am i supposed to give? Don't they have gas allowance for their operation? Can anyone from the PNP enlighten me on this matter?