Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my ordeal with bell's palsy

Day 1 - i felt pain on my right head, my scalp to be specific
Day 2 - pain at the back of right ear, went to see the doc and had otic solution, 2-3 drops every 6 hours which i followed religiously
Day 3 - pain on my right head, back of right ear, right jaw, right neck base and my tongue lost its sense of taste - all this happened while i did 2 loads of laundry
          - was rushed to the ER where procedures were done immediately. CT Scan, Xrays, blood chem - needle prick anywhere but the right side of my face had been motionless and feeling less. I was admitted at the hospital due to the reason that i will be at risk with the stroke anytime. Btw, Bell's Palsy is not a stroke. It is a facial paralysis where nerves cannot function well to supply blood to the MidCranial Artery of the brain.
Day 4 - still lying in the hospital, IV pushed medications, monitor, monitor as BP shooting up
Day 5- still at the hospital and the birthday of my daughter.....sorry girl I missed your birthday. Hope to make up sometime when mommy will be okay. Love u!!!
Day 6 - hospital latta
Day 7  - doctors won't let me go out yet. Thay want a massive work out on me - a neurosurgeon, cardiologist, internist and an EENT doctor, all four collaborated and concluded it's BELL'S PALSY!!! And so, i have to undergo therapy this time. Good thing the therapist is willing to come to the hospital. 
Day 8 - PT session at the hospital goes on, so on with IV and IV push medicines, which I don't bother to know for there are too many
Day 9 - same procedures but finally released from the hospital at last. but have to go back and forth for my therapy sessions. BTW, i cannot drive yet. Right eye is still conditional though i can blink at with a force and will power.

It's my 3rd day at home......and unwilling to go out. I miss the public market, my gym buddies, the groceries, etc. Still i'm hopeful, someday everything will be back to normal......Thank u all for the love u shared in these times of my darkness and tomorrow will be a brand new day!!!