Tuesday, August 4, 2009

yellow and red

The sudden death of world's pop icon Michael Jackson brought me on a nostalgia trip to my "bagets" days. Back when disco music blasts and moonwalk steps on the dancefloor. MJ is legendary for his crouch gripping performance.

Now, the icon of democracy former president Cory Aquino. Well, blame it with the big C. I have seen Tita Cory several times but did not bother photo ops. That was more than 20 years ago. Having witnessed countless political rallies, the yellow ribbons and yellow confettis along Ayala, to the water canons and high voltage barricades along Mendiola. I have seen the People Power at Edsa to the seige of Malacanang.

They were all in yellow, I was in red. That era, the Laban sign was in. They flash the L, I flashed the V. This is funny but I patronized Red Ribbon and evaded Goldilocks. ha ha...............

SOBRA NA, TAMA NA, PALITAN NA, irritated my ears and would embrace CORY WALANG ALAM!

I realised just few years back, what I believed in the past, wala nang kabuluhan ngayon. I regret i did not see rather did not recognize her effort, simplicity, toughness, sincerity and kababaang loob in ruling the nation. I admit I was regionalistic and I'm sorry.

Sorry, thank you and goodbye Tita Cory. Job well done, may your tribe increase!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Desperately Batanes

Two weeks ago my girlfriend decided to take a trip to sagada.We researched somuch on Sagada and opted for Batanes instead for more adventure. We alternately surfed thenet for possible flight booking. For two weeks we found all seats sold out. We never gave up and tried other ways to get to Batanes. We found a website that there is a carrier thru MV Princess Ivatan at the Currimao Port. Early morning the following day I set out for Currimao Port only to my great dismay to f ind out that MV Pricess Ivatan is no longer operational. I asked the personalities at the port for some other liner but there was none. Seair and Zest Airways (formerly Asian Spirit) are the only means of going to Batanes. And yet airfare is such a big deal and takes toll in reservation, if not fully booked.

Now my question is, do all people in Batanes ever afford the airfare? I even called up the manager of a certain cooperative in Batanes who used to manage MV Princess Ivatan for some suggestion of an alternative means aside from Seair and Zest Airways, there was none.

Now my girlfriend and I dropped the idea of Batanes.

Where's the excitement?