Friday, September 10, 2010

honesty is the best policy.......

One Christian values we inculcate our children is about honesty. We tell them, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.....We teach them to have fear in God and honest in everything. Be it on money, food, and even school grades. We tell them not to cheat during exams. We ask them to return found items, etc. And even gluttony is a mortal sin!!!

My issue here is not about the children. It's all about us adults. Children look up on us and all dependent on us. We should set as models for them to follow as they grow up.

We attend masses and go to church, alright. Have we examined ourselves if we are fit to the kingdom of God? Personally, I have nothing against masses, i see it as a celebration and praising for God. My point is, there is no use in celebrating and praising if we do not practice these values.

Now, how can we teach our children good values if we, ourselves do not know the ABCs of these? .... Well, I strongly believe in the law of KARMA!!!!!