Thursday, September 1, 2011

parties over the typhoon

Attended three parties over the weekend despite the heavy downpuor in the midst of typhoon Mina.

An array of sweets, stik-o, marshamallows, etc. A creation of my 13-year old bot Vikko.

Sponge Bob themed cake from Ava's (no good, all marzipan and the cake is made 50% styrofoam - a racket for it's price)
Sponge Bob cupcakes, looks attractive though.....

At the Kalipi Training Center Function Room. Nice venue for parties with it's fully airconditioned room despite the heavy rains outside.

Hotdog cocktails by Vikko
All time favorite cream puff fresh from the oven of Wendy's Cakes
Chicken lollipop from the kitchen of Rubyrosa's

Choco fondeu to every kid's delight....adults too.....

Spotted: 100% authentic Neverfull PM LV bag

here's a glimpse of what inside the bag

face painting
Ube creme decadence @ Max's ....craving for more!!

nice balloon arrangement @ Maria Liza's christening in Nagbacalan

everyone's favorite. Lechon for a fix of cholesterol!!